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I maintain this site to report on the world of mechanical puzzles, to have fun, and share information with my family, friends, and other puzzle-people. In addition to lots of pictures of puzzles, you'll find information about puzzles, many pointers to where to get them, and some help with how to solve them.

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I have been collecting mechanical puzzles (aka brainteasers, Geduldspiele, casse-têtes, hlavolamy, puslerier, puzzels, rompecabezas, パズル, головоломка, 难题, الألغاز, σπαζοκεφαλιά, פזלים, ลูกบิด, पहेली, uganke, gestaþraut ) for many years and from many places. I have been asked, "Don't you have enough frustration in your life?"  Evidently not...

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At last count, there are 5067 puzzling items (including over 230 puzzle-related books) shown or described. That may seem like a lot, but there are people who own tens of thousands of puzzles - and who must have very understanding spouses!

I like most kinds of puzzles, and I really enjoy interlocking puzzles, hidden-mechanism/secret-opening boxes, and tanglement puzzles. Write to me at , and we can discuss puzzling!

I have solved some puzzles by writing computer programs. Clever and useful free software is out there on the web, particularly BurrTools by Andreas Röver, SBPSolver by Pierre-Francois Culand, and Jürg von Känel's burr puzzle solver site. There are many links to U.S. patents on this site - to view them (USPTO instructions here) you'll need a TIFF plug-in for your browser. You can try AlternaTIFF. You might also want to search the European Patent Office. I have reduced the images to make them load faster, using Brett Kuehner's marvelous tool "PictureTray."

I have collected some of the images from various places on the web and in some cases show them without attribution. If you have concerns regarding my non-commercial use of your photo for this site, please let me know and I will take down your photo and replace it with my own.

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