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Links to Vendors

Preferred Vendors - U.S.

My experiences with the sites listed here have been positive. This list is biased towards vendors who ship to the US and accept PayPal or credit cards via a secure site. High-quality specialty vendors with whom I have dealt include:

Cubic Dissection
Eric Fuller

Wood Wonders
Brian Menold

Creative Crafthouse
Dave Janelle

David Leschinsky

Brass Puzzles By Rocky
Rocky Chiaro

William Waite

Doug Engel

Pavel's Puzzles
Pavel Curtis

Kate Jones

Wood Frustrations
Tom Lensch

Bill Cutler

Tucker Jones

The Puzzle & Craft Factory


Cluster Puzzles
Kelvin Palmer

Dan Feldman

The Yot

Kagen Sound

Here are "mass market" vendors:

Bits and Pieces

FatBrain Toys


Games Unlimited
Bob Schwartz

Funagain Games

Preferred Vendors - Non - U.S.

Reliable foreign vendors with whom I've dealt include:

Puzzle Master

Mr. Puzzle Australia
Brian & Sue Young

Pelikan Puzzles

Bernhard Schweitzer


Frank Gregory

Hendrik Haak's Puzzle Shop

Puzzle Vision
Michael Toulouzas

The Karakuri Creation Group and Club

Gemani Games
Roger Mustoe



HK Now Store




Sources for Tanglement Puzzles

Tucker Jones

Uncle's Puzzles

Frank Gregory

Channel Craft

Puzzle Master

Fiddl' Widdit

Seth Anderson

Sources for Twisty Puzzles

Hendrik Haak

Official Rubik's site

Georges Helm's Puzzle Shop
Thinkgeek DX dealextreme (Home) hknowstore (Calvin Fan)


witeden (DaYan cubes)
Cube4you (James Lee)
MF8 Shop
Omega Studio (TW)
Smart Toy Shop (HK)
CubeNJoy (Korea)
Nice Puzzles (9spuzzles)

Cubikon - Michael Layher East Sheen Mindstrat Puzzles (Pantazis Houlis)
Fourieridea (Quarks)

Puzzle Boxes

Akio Kamei

The Karakuri Creation Group and Club

Kagen Schaefer

Heartwood Creations

Pandora's Puzzle Boxes

Unique Box Shop

Izumiya (Hakone)

Cubic Dissection - Eric Fuller

movable Hellraiser box
Puzzle Box World Honma
(Japanese site - no orders)
Burl Puzzle Boxes
(More art than puzzle.)

Check Clay Parker's website "A Puzzlebox Page" for more links.

Read an article by Jerry Slocum on Japanese Puzzle Boxes.

Puzzle Vendors Around the World

Here is a sorted listing of many puzzle vendors from around the world:

Puzzle Vendors Around the World
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 3D Puzzles



 Albinegri - Albert Guebeli
 Antique Toys and Games - Pierre Patau, Elisabeth Calley
 Archimedes' Lab
 Architest (nail puzzles)
 Atlantis - Dr. Karl Scherer
 Avenue des Jeux
 A.Z. Plerp - Cluster Puzzles - Kelvin Palmer



 Bart Buie
 Bartl GMBH
 also try Bartl GMBH dot com
 Bathsheba Grossman - Moon Pi
 John Berkeley (uk)
 Beverly Enterprises
 Boutique Strategie (Seth Anderson)
 Brandora (Logika / Uhl)
 Brilliant Puzzles
 Buffalo Games Inc.
 Burl Puzzle Boxes



 Cadeaux en Bois
 Chapman Puzzles
 Rocky Chiaro
 Chronos (jp) - Edi Nagata
 Cleverwood - Mike & Judy Richard, Charlie Malcolmson
 Jean Claude Constantin
 Cracker Barrel - James Cole
 Creative Crafthouse
 Creative Whack Co. - Eric Fuller - Michael Layher
 Bill Cutler



 Robert Dalloz
 DaMert (now Toysmith)
 Wayne Daniel
 DanLock by Dan Feldman
 Denny Magic - Daryl's Enchanted Cube
 Davans - Jose Diaz
 Decorative Puzzles - Mike & Gill Hayduk
 Dry Gulch Gifts (Old Time tangles - wholesale only)



 East Sheen Cubes
 Eleganter Australia
 Eureka (be - Belgium)
 Eureka! - David Leschinsky



 FAO Schwartz
 Flyping Games
 Funagain Games



 The Game Preserve
 Games and
 Games2Puzzles (eBay store - Emma Lee)
 Games Unlimited - Bob Schwartz
 Game Surplus
 Gemani Games - Roger Mustoe
 [also try]
 Geo Australia
 Dan Gilbert - Triazzle - Vladimir Krasnoukhov
 The Grail, Inc. (on Toydirectory)
 Grand Illusions
 Kirill Grebnev
 Kirill Grebnev - Cubature of the Ball



 Haba (de)
 Hakone Maruyama
 Hand Puzzles
 Heartwood Creations
 Hellraiser box
 Hendrik Haak's Puzzle Shop
 Honma (Japanese site - no orders)



 Icarus (jp)
 I Qubed
 Izumiya (Hakone)
 also try



 Jeruel Industrial - Kinato, Crystal puzzles
 Jeux et Console (now Micromania)
 Tom Jolly Games



 Kadon - Kate Jones
 Kagen Schaefer
 K & J Magnetics
 K & T Toys - Touchdown
 Akio Kamei
 The Karakuri Creation Group and Club
 Knox (Roland Koch)
 Kubi Games (Germany)



 Lagoon Games / The Lagoon Group
 Le Valet d'Coeur
 Liberty Puzzles (fine jigsaws)
 Tomas Linden
 LiveWire - Frank Gregory
 Logical Choice (au)
 Logika (de)
 Robert Longstaff Workshops (uk)


 GarE Maxton
 Jerry McFarland Puzzles
 me100fun (hk)
 MGC Custom Jigsaws
 Minds On ToysDigi-Comp I repro)
 Lenoid Mochalov
 Mondenkind (de)
 Mountain Stream Forge - Uncle's Puzzles
 Mr. Puzzle Australia



 Naef Spiele AG
 Nature's Tapestry - Labyrinth Woodworks - Louis Toorenburg (NZ)



 Office Playground - Magic Sand Wand, K-Dron
 Okuno Karuta-ten (Game Shop Okuno)
 Omega Studio
 Optical Toys
 Oriental Trading Co.



 Pacific Puzzleworks - Lee Krasnow
 Padilly - Chelona, Anchor
 Pam City - Kumiki
 Pandora's Puzzle Boxes
 Parlor Puzzles
 Philos (de)
 Potty Puzzles - Frank Potts
 The Purple Pomegranate - tray packing puzzles
 PuzzleAtomic aka General Symmetrics - Doug Engel
 Puzzle Box World
 The Puzzle & Craft Factory
 Puzzlein - Haoyuki Iwase
 Puzzle Me This
 Puzzle Master
 Puzzle Palace - George Miller
 Puzzles and Games (wholesale)
 Puzzle This (uk)
 Puzzlevision - Michael Toulouzas
 Puzzlewood - Bernhard Schweitzer
 Puzzling Place (uk)
 PuzzlingPuzzles (au)
 Pyramid Gallery - Le Marchand (Hellraiser Cube)





 RecentToys (Planets)
 Official Rubik's site



 Schachland (Chessland - German)
 Science Enterprises
 Shop New Zealand - Puzzles
 Sloyd (Oy Sloyd Ab)
 SMART (be)
 Springbok Puzzles
 Star Magic
 Stave Jigsaws
 Stickman Puzzle Boxes
 Stumpy Originals



 Tankenotter (Erik Johansson)
 Technology of Wonders - Viktor Genel
 Thinkfun (Binary Arts)
 Torito (Japan)
 Tour de Jeux - chain in Quebec
 The ToyHouse - Chris Baldwin
 Toys From Times Past
 Transposer Puzzles
 Tucker Jones



 Uncle's Games
 Uncle's Puzzles
 Unique Box Shop
 University Games



 Venta (cz)
 VIA Spiele
 Villa le Bosquet
 Vin & Co. - Vaclav Obsivac (cz)



 Wallingford Toy Works
 William Waite - PuzzleMist
 Winning Moves
 Trevor Wood
 Wood Wonders - Brian Menold
 Wooden Toys UK (cz)
 Woodpecker (Hikimi)
 World in Puzzle





 Yamanaka Kumiki Works
 also try Dento Nippon
 The Yot



 Livio Zucca


You might find it useful to find some vendors by their logos...

GarE Maxton

Dr. Karl Scherer

Trevor Wood


Albert Guebeli


Vin & Co

Venta (Cz)

Haoyuki Iwase

Thinkfun (Binary Arts)



Jerry McFarland

Retail Stores

I wish there were more locations selling mechanical puzzles, but there seems to be a dearth of good retail stores. Here are a few I have found...

1349 Beacon St.
(near intersection of Beacon with Harvard St.)
Brookline, MA 02446
The Games People Play
1100 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA
M,T,W,F,Sa: 10-6; Th: 10-8; Su: 12-5
The Games People Play
Time Machine Hobby / New England Hobby Supply
7 Hilliard St.
Manchester, CT 06040
A fantastic toy and hobby store in an old industrial building. They have a large model railroad department and a very large club layout in a back room. They carry some puzzles.
1591 Hopmeadow St.
Simsbury, CT 06070
M-Sa: 9:30-5:30; Su 10-3; Closed Tue
Necker's website
This is a wonderful toy store that has been around since 1948!
They carry some mechanical puzzles, including Puzzle Master tanglements.
Over The Rainbow Toys
at 2872 Main St. Glastonbury, CT
The Perfect Toy
290 W Main St
Avon, CT 06001
(860) 678-7015
M,T 9:30-5:30; W-F 9:30-8; Sa 9:30-5:30; Su 12-4
This one is a little further afield:
Books Ink
Perkins Cove
Ogunquit, ME
Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine, is a great spot with some neat shops. When I was there a while ago, Books Ink had a cool selection of books on science, math, chemistry, physics, and other topics of potential interest to puzzlers. They also had a small selection of puzzles. I bought a CubeOcta there. Up the road is another great shop selling mineral specimens and collector-quality sea-shells. Around the corner is the Marginal Way - a walking trail along the seacoast to Ogunquit. You can take a trolley back to the cove.
The souvenir shop at Old Sturbridge Village
might carry some puzzles. I haven't been there in a while.
Toys R Us
1460 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Manchester, CT 06040
(860) 644-7606
125 Buckland Hills Dr
Manchester, CT 06042
(860) 327-0082
420 Buckland Hills Dr
Manchester, CT 06042
(860) 644-5100

Links to Enthusiast Sites

Among the best have to be:

John Rausch
Puzzle will be played...
Keiichiro Ishino
Burr Tools  

Twisty Puzzles
Sandy Thompson

Jaap Scherphuis
Joshua Bell
Puzzle Patents

The Poly Pages
Andrew Clarke
Mathematische Basteleien
Jürgen Köller - Thinkfun

Here are some organizations and other resources for puzzle enthusiasts:

Puzzle Auction Sites:


For solutions to some mechanical puzzles, try these:

BurrTools by Andreas Röver
Solutions page at SiamMandalay
Solutions de Casse-Tete
Casse-tete et Solution
Classic Puzzle Cube - describing the classic Kumiki cube
Eternity Puzzle Solution
Taniguchi's programs to solve iamonds and sliding block puzzles
SBPSolver - by Pierre-Francois Culand - solves sliding block puzzles

Shapeways shops:

I have found these sites, many belonging to fellow collectors, to be inspirational...

Martin Watson

Matti Linkola

Juno's World

Puzzle Grail
Richard Whiting

Casse-tete et Solution

Jürg & Karin von Känel

Atelier Tamura
World of Craft Puzzle
Hidekuni Tamura

Bernhard Schweitzer

Cisco's Collection
Francis Andrac

Age of Puzzles
Serhiy Grabarchuk

Ed Pegg

Leonid Mochalov
Yukiyasu Sekoguchi
Happiness Cubes (JP)
Puzzlein - Osho

Martinho Dos Santos

(Google translation)

Kohfuh's Lab
Kohfuh Satoh

La Collection de Casse-Tete de Chantal
Hlavolamy - Puzzles
Milan Vodicka

Erich Friedman
Geduldspiele Pantazis' Puzzle Paradise
Pantazis Houlis' Collection

Puzzle Palace
George Miller

Other collections I've found out there in the aether...

Extremely Puzzling - Goetz Schwandtner
Jim Storer's site
Dario Uri's site (the wooden panels on the walls)
Rick Eason's site
Hlavolamy - Milan Vodicka
Chosi's Puzzle Collecting Page
James K. Strayer (all of Yarger's Stickman boxes, etc.)
Jyuta's Page
John Childs' Collection of Kumiki Puzzles
Erich Friedman

The Puzzle Pit
Michael Suodenjoki
Jose Diaz
Don's Puzzle Collection
Kevin Moore
Casse-Tete de Chantal - Per Moller Nielsen
Clay Parker's A Puzzlebox Page

Markus Goetz
Denkpuzzels (Romania) --  shows Radut's Cube - Edi Nagata
Nick Baxter's Ninomiya box collection
Mechanical Puzzle Freaks (jp)

Other interesting sites:

Logic Mazes - Robert Abbott
Adrian Fisher Mazes
Angela and Otto Janko
Blake O'Hare's Nerd Paradise
Glorieux Ronse Pentomino site - Odette de Muelemeester
George Bell's Peg Solitaire site
Chess Variants - Chess Puzzles
Yukio Hirose
Sliding Block Puzzles
Ultimate Puzzle Site - Logical Puzzles
The Puzzles of Sid Sackson
Iwahiro's Puzzles (e.g. Rectangular Jam)
Toothpick World
Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages
Innocent Penguin (JP)
Tankenotter AB

George Hart - Geometric Sculptures
Harvey Heinz - Magic Squares
Theo Geerinck
Scott Kim
Christian Eggermont
make the Dr. Who "Key To Time" puzzle
The Gardner Index
Tune's Tipi Page (geometric models)
Da Vinci Days 2002
Shunting Puzzles
link to some of Nick Baxter's past puzzle auctions
7-piece cube from
Mathematical Puzzles - Chris Lohe
Hirofumi Fujiwara
Kohfuh's Lab
Ronald Kint-Bruynseels

Rob Hegge's Puzzle Pages Archive
Vladimir Krasnoukhov
O'Beirne's Cube
Clickmazes - Andrea Gilbert, Bill Mitchell
The Woodworker's Library
Harshbarger's 21 Squares
Puzzle Fun - Rudolfo Kurchan
My Puzzle Note - Wen-Shan Kao
Deutsches Spielzeugmuseum Sonneberg
Optics for Teens
Exotic Wood site
Art Metal - a metal melting furnace
Mike Helland - Springbok Jigsaws
World Flag Database
Perplex City
Paper Folding

Kathryn Huxtable's Flexagon Page
Brain Binders
Unique Projects Complico
Hexaflexagon Toolkit

All About Twisty Puzzles

Jaap's Puzzle Page, maintained by Jaap Scherphuis, is the best for analysis and solutions., maintained by Sandy Thompson, has the most comprehensive catalogue/database, and a vibrant message board community. Articles - learn how to make your own custom twisty puzzles
Ton Dennenbroek - speedcubing and Rubik's puzzle building
Ton Dennenbroek - custom building
Speedsolving Wiki
Speedsolving Notation
Chris Lohe's site has a nice table of twisty puzzle types - Jin Kim
Georges Helm
Sandy's collection
Kar Watanabe
Kastellorizo (WARNING: sound!)
LoloCube - Laurent Blanc
Puzzlemaniac - Mark Longridge - Domain of the Cube
Virtual Cubes
Yang Ho's Cubemania (KR)
i4no - Rubik's Cube Museum
Four-Dimensional Rubik's Cube
Juanan's collection

Play Online...

3D Logic
Circle the Cat
Loops of Zen
Vexed - like Sokoban meets Tetris
Gridlock - like Rush Hour
Puzzlebeast - has Bulbous Blob
Cheesy Games - Emmett Henderson
Nick Baxter's Sliding Block Puzzle Page - many online puzzles! -- Classic Sliding Block Puzzles
Hirofumi Fujiwara - Sliding Piece Puzzles
Tenyo Beat-the-Computer puzzle simulator -- Steven Atkinson

Some game sites...

Handheld Games Museum


Abstract Strategy Games
Jose Diaz (Davans)

The Big Game Hunter
Bruce Whitehill